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Engagement Ring Choices for 2020 picked just for you

Ready to pop the question? Great! Congratulations! Felicitations!

Roll the carpet! Call the band! Find a dress!


Wait… have you picked a ring yet?


First things first then.


Our guide here for the trendiest design can help you sort this out in a jiffy. Rings are the sign of your love and favor, selecting them can be little nerve-racking. Other than appearance and likeability, you should consider factors such as gem’s hardness, wearability, clarity, and durability.

Here is the list of what’s trending when it comes to statement rings.


1.  Colored Gemstone Rings

Colored gemstones are an easy favorite for rings because of the optical illusion and hues – they literally sparkle. Some gems to consider:


Sapphires: From Queens to Princess, Sapphires is worn by royalties. The Blue Sapphire Ring worn by Lady Diana and then Duchess Kate Middleton is one of the most popular and classic engagement ring ever. Due to its vibrant blue color, Sapphires make great statement rings. They are one of the hardest gems which speak for its durability. They are well sought after, which makes them quite expensive too.


Emeralds: Cleopatra’s favorite pick of gems. These gems are called ‘Jewel of Kings’ and can range from light to dark green shade. They make beautiful engagement rings are rare.


Rubies: One of the most coveted gemstones are rubies. They represent the color of love and heart. “Pigeon blood red,” a slightly purplish red with a medium-dark tone and vivid saturation, is the most wanted after ruby color. Ruby’s durability, rarity, and associations with love make it a fitting though expensive choice for engagement rings.


Colored Diamonds: Diamonds are forever indeed. But a colored diamond can stand out even more! Remember Jennifer Lopez’s yellow diamond ring? Yup! People still do. Roughly 1 in 10,000 diamonds exhibit natural color. Those with the most intense colors are prized more profoundly and, thus, cost more. Colored diamond options include bold canary yellow, sparkling pink, pastel green, eye-catching black, and champagne. Pink diamonds rank among the most expensive.


2.  Meteorite Rings

Meteorite Rings is the trend that tops them all this year. Meteorite Rings! These rings are crafted from meteors that crashed on the earth millions of years ago. Frankly, your ring will be ‘out of this world’ – no pun intended. Meteorite Rings are considered more of an environmentally friendly option and assure cruelty-free sourcing until some Aliens come calling! Ha! You are safe. What can more convey your love than something that came from outer space – literally to the moon and back


3.  Minimalist Rings

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to engagement rings. Brides who don’t like too showy and pomp stuff prefer the minimalist way. Delicate ring makes a statement nonetheless, and it’s often a more romantic declaration of love because they depict sweetness. From dainty-banded solitaires to unique cuts and colors, they come in all. Minimalist rings pair well with wedding bands for a more ‘stackable’ appearance without looking too bulky.


4.  Vintage-Inspired Designs

Ever coveted a ring right out of history? A ring of the great kings? Some history attached to it? Though it’s tough and expensive to give such historical heirlooms for as engagement rings (until you have that kind of money) Take a hint from antique-inspired trends and consider a ring with Victorian or art deco feel. Who wouldn’t love an engagement ring with an heirloom quality—it’s both desirable and timeless.


5.  Stacking Bands

Stackable bands are the coolest because they are so easy to customize. Pile it up however you like. You can add a different band for each milestone – think 10th anniversary, 25th, and so on, that will make a super cute story for your grandkids. It can also be easily split to be ‘passed down the generations’


No matter which ring you choose, it should tell a story – your story.

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