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Deciding Menus

Food can make or break an event!


It’s a given –, especially in our community.


Ask anybody about any party or wedding event, and you are sure to hear ‘yaar khana bohut acha tha‘ (The food was delicious). Good food makes for good memories. Here is why the food served at your event must be up to the level expected by the guests.


At Dawat Pakistan we take pride in bringing you a large variety of menus, especially catered by our caterers. The item lists are based according to event style, cuisine preference, budget, and seasonal produce.


When we plan food and beverages for an event, we make sure it is not filled with the very expected run-of-a-mill items. We include a special chef recommended things and sizzling dishes to prepare for the most delicious meal.


We also offer a complete custom menu creation according to our client’s, individual taste, and special dietary requirements. Whether it’s a corporate event, conferences, birthday party, eid/iftar party, weddings & engagements, picnics and barbecues, festivals, school festivals, intimate parties – our menu range cover everything from finger foods to exotic dessert. We also do exotic themed foods for themed parties, street food delicacies, trending dishes, and create great wholesome food selection for a private dinner party and significant events.


Our planners work closely with the client to craft the best menu in their budget. Here is a range of our current predefined menu list.


Dawat Menus




  1. Fresh From The Kitchen 

One of the very best menu selection – ranging from Rs.1470 to Rs.1680, offers five sorts of custom menus. Best for dinner parties.


  1. Desi Menu

Currently offering ten different kinds of desi menu options. You can get just about anything from pulao, tikka to delicious live cooked gulab jamuns. Best for wedding events, desi dinner parties, and themed events.


  1. Continental Menu

We also offer alternative continental menus. Currently, you can choose from 8 defined menus. These work great for birthday parties, conferences, breakfast, and brunch events.


  1. Hi-Tea Menu

Now offering mouth-watering four types of hi-tea cuisines, ranging from Rs.475 to Rs.740. These work best for conferences, meetups, casual affairs, and garden tea parties.


  1. Food Street Menu

One of the most favorites menu selections at Dawat Pakistan. Currently, we offer three types of predefined menus and two Mendi Specials. Food Street is famous for Menhdi and Mayoun events.


  1. Iftar Menu

A great selection of iftar items for your iftar party. We offer six types of menus to choose from.


  1. Eid Menu

Handpicked dishes to make your eid more memorable.  We offer five types of cuisines to choose from.


  1. Lunch Boxes

Currently offering five sorts of lunch boxes ranging from Rs.265 to 340. Lunch boxes are best for casual events with a large number of attendees, like seminars, school carnivals, and picnics


  1. Breakfast Menu

Our breakfast menus cater to different sort of breakfast palate like Pakistani, American, and Continental breakfast. Breakfast menus are great for morning meetings, brunch parties, casual meetups, and morning garden picnics.


As a leading event management company, Dawat Pakistan wants to create a memorable experience for you. As we believe food is at the center of it all, we will design the best food selection that fits your budget, theme, and preference. Call us today, and we’d be happy to assist you.




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