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Corporate Picnics

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Corporate Picnics

After working tirelessly for months, a break is important for everyone; and what is a better break than going on a corporate picnic with your coworkers? The people you work with are the only people who understand your burn out the most and thus, they are the people you need a day out with! Corporate picnic ideas for the firms in Karachi could include a day trip to the beach, an adventure filled day on karting tracks, a day at a farmhouse or a simple corporate dinner- all of which can be organized by Dawat, just the way you want.

A number of games can bring out the team spirit and the creativity which most employees tend to lose due to burn out.  Be it physical sports like volleyball and dodge the ball, or games that require a little more concentration and logic like Sequence or Jenga- these games are sure to act as icebreakers and leave people in fits of laughter. A team-building retreat can also be arranged where all office employees can be divided into random teams and can be taken out of station, where they trek together, camp out and survive in the wilderness while being each other’s support and learning to adapt to new places and people. This can be made even more fun with some team building exercises which can act as healthy competition. Add some great food to the mix and you’ve got yourself a memorable picnic/trip. In case you’re not sure what to serve at the buffet, you can choose from one of the many different menus Dawat offers. As for corporate dinners, Dawat has arranged many in the past and our team loves to work in unique settings be it corporate events, parties, or weddings, thus, trust us to bring that professional yet fun vibe to your event.

Corporate picnics are an essential method of improving employees’ efficiency and we understand this! Therefore, we make sure that your corporate event is worth the wait and worth displaying on your social media- pictures of these events can be posted on your official company websites and social media accounts, allowing people to see how your company gives back to its employees and balances work and play. You can also leave the task of booking the venue for your corporate picnic to Dawat and its sister company Find the Venue. We look forward to arranging and organizing all your corporate events!



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