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Concert At Weddings

When it comes to desi weddings, we all want something unique and different. With this, comes the idea of having musical nights as one of the event in week long weddings. Back in the day people stuck to having ghazal & qawwali nights with the likes of Sabri brothers and other big names, or sometimes even artists who weren’t as popular but had solid vocals and music teams which kept the crowd swaying to their traditional songs, ghazals and qawwalis. These days while the older generation is still a fan of conventional qawwalis and ghazals, the youth is more inclined towards something more fun, more happening, where they could get up and dance to the music hence musical nights have now taken shape of private concerts with local Pakistani artists like Ali Tariq, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and not so local artists like RDB & Sukhbir.

This new trend of having an ‘actual’ concert at weddings began a few years ago in Pakistan when RDB did their first event in a top class, elite mehendi event which became the highlight in the 14 events long wedding. Desi weddings, especially mehendis are already full of songs, dances, amazing food and the guests enjoying the event in their own vibe, these concerts just make them more grand and fill in the last bit of a missing element- of the crowd unanimously singling along to Atif Aslam’s ‘Pehli Nazar Main’ or to Ali Tariq’s ‘Mehbooba’ filling the air with echoes of romantic lyrics and mesmerizing music
One of the biggest impact of these concerts in weddings is that the wedding trends on social media  which means the couple has successfully created a buzz, and the guest turnover becomes greater than expected-which means we have to account for the extra guests with more seating and food. This is where an experienced event management team like Dawat needs to step in and take charge. Trust us when we say, 500 uninvited guests at the last moment is not an easy situation to handle and when it’s your own wedding you do not want to be worried about the technicalities and logistics of the event!

The concerts are a great addition to the wedding festivities as these provide an opportunity for families to enjoy great music till wee hours of the night together- all the cousins, friends, and the entire khaandan can come together- girls can get permission to stay longer as entire families are attending and so their parents are not too worried about letting the kids stay there longer. Let’s keep the trend alive!

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