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Choosing the Right Dress for Your Nikkah

Your Nikkah day is probably going to be one of your most cherished memories, and you want to make sure you look good that day. Brides are often seen wearing whites and pastels on their Nikkah and brighter colors on their Baraat. However, it isn’t necessary to go with the norms and stereotypical dress colors associated with each day.

Brides all around the world are challenging the norms and breaking the stereotypes by wearing what they want – and we totally support that. Recently, a lot of the brides are opting for glamorous golden lehngas with heavy embroidery and contrasting colored dupattas. Nikkah is no longer a simple and immediate family-oriented event; brides want to look beautiful and extravagant on this day. You can also see brides wearing contrasting ombre lehngas with hues of red or pink going darker towards the bottom. This is an intelligent way of pleasing the elders who prefer you wear paler tones while also making sure you are adding the splash of color you want. Similarly, you can also go for a white or pastel dress but wear a brightly colored dupatta.

Your Nikkah is your day, and you should be the one deciding what you wear. Having a support system that helps you attain your dream look is essential and it looks even better if the setting in which you wear it allows for it to shine! We here at Dawat do precisely that. We actively work to give you an event that compliments your outfit and lets you stand out! With us, you will not have to worry about the wedding planning and will be able to enjoy the process. Your Nikkah dress will only look good if you feel confident and happy. If the traditional colors make you happy, go for them – you do not have to follow trends to look glamorous!

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