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Celebrating Singles

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Celebrating Singles

Weddings, birthdays, graduation celebrations, recovery celebrations and so much more is being arranged by Dawat, but one thing we don’t see much of is people coming together to be with someone who has just ended a relationship that was not working out. In a society like ours, where breakups or divorces are stigmatized, they can leave palpable affects on the person’s mental and physical health. Most people try to brush the problem under the rug instead of being there and helping the person maneuver the void that the breakup has left behind. It is a lonely place to be in and what better than doing a little get together with all the people close to the person and reminding him/her that they’re still loved and have a lot to look forward to.

Even though ending relationships is still considered a big deal, many families have now come to accept it as they want their child to be happy instead of compromising and staying in a precarious marriage. They understand the fact that rather than keeping their children, especially daughters, in toxic marriages; it is better to free both the individuals. In our opinion, it is the healthy decision to make. We’re not saying it will be easy to live without a partner, but instead of a romantic partner, platonic partners like friends and family can fill the void in life.

A small party or get together to get their mind off everything they have been through and to feel like they have their old life back can be the perfect remedy/distraction for an aching heart.  You can make sure to invite all their closest friends and family, plan a menu that the person loves, have a few fun lighthearted games, and celebrate them stepping into a new phase of life by cutting a cute cake with a quip or a funny message on it.

Another thing that should be taken care of is the song list which should be fun instead of sad from the beginning till the end! Our advice is to keep the décor minimal but bright and exciting with fun colors and themes to actually achieve the goal of cheering the person up. Short speeches by the client’s closest friends are also a cute way of welcoming the individual back to single life and, showing him/her that they are just as loved as they were before



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