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Bring back the Concerts

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Bring back the Concerts

Remember the wedding era before Covid-19 hit us hard? The dance floor, the concerts, the plays, the different entry styles of the bride and groom and what not! 2022 has brought almost everything back to the weddings including the vibe that concerts brought at Mehendi or Wedding events. It is honestly exciting to see the same energy returning to the wedding events and we’re proud of the fact that everyone has come to terms with the fact that Covid is our new normal and that we have to go about our daily business without letting covid be a buzz kill! Thus, there was no point in delaying these concerts anymore and this exact mindset has brought them back! The excitement that Ali Tariq or Ali Zafar create among the guests and the atmosphere that is built during the events is what we are happy to see returning to Pakistani weddings. Not only the Ali’s, there’s Atif Aslam, RDB, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Asim Azhar and so many local artists who know exactly how to engage with the wedding crowd and how to make the bride and groom shine- and they are all returning to entertain the guests at your wedding.

Concerts have been resumed all around the world, be it AP Dhillon’s concert in Dubai Expo 2022 or the Billie Eilish concert held last month! We are seeing Rahat back on stage and many other Qawwals too for Qawwali nights which have been a hit event this season. Looking at the crowd grooving along the singers and having the time of their lives listening to classical music by Rahat is what makes us happy. What we need to get used to is to enjoy while keeping everyone around us safe.

Dawat can organize commercial and wedding concerts, both. Just let us know  when and we’ll do the rest! Managing concerts at weddings is not easy as technically there are two different events happening within one, but our team at Dawat has perfected the art of multi-tasking and you can trust us with all your event needs!



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