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Best Venues for Outdoor Day Weddings in Karachi

Day events at weddings have become increasingly popular overtime. Especially as winter approaches, many young couples prefer to enjoy their wedding with a nice, sunny, afternoon of joy surrounded by friends and family. With the wedding season right around the corner, brides-to-be as well as grooms-to be are faced with countless decisions to make in order to ensure everything goes perfect.

One of the toughest and most important decisions for new couples is the selection of the venue. Outdoor venues are particularly difficult to finalize since options remain limited despite an increase in demand. While private gardens are a great option if you have resources, but not everyone is willing to spend a fortune on their weddings. Thus, affordable, and convenient options are essential. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of some of the best venues for day weddings in Karachi:


Karachi Golf Club:

As the name suggests, the Karachi Golf Club, situated in Karsaz, is a beautifully designed golf course. When choosing an outdoor venue, Golf Courses are always good options as not only are they pleasing to the eyes, but also have enough capacity to cater to the big, fat Pakistani families.

 The best thing about the venue is that it has a designated Wedding Lawn, perfect for an outdoor day event. The lush green lawns, floral gardens, as well as the beautify pond would make for excellent Instagram worthy backgrounds. In particular, the famous big tree at the venue has been a highlight of all weddings at the venue as it has been uniquely used for photo shoots.

 Airmen Golf Course & Recreational Park:

Great view, good food, and excellent capacity, make for a spectacular outdoor wedding! Airmen Golf Course provides all of that and more. Spread over 180 acres, you will not have to worry about how to accommodate all your guests, while ensuring social distancing. In addition, a designated parking facility makes the venue convenient for guests. So when planning your outdoor event, do check out Airmen!

Pakistan Air Force Museum (PAF Museum):

If you are on the lookout for unique outdoor venues, the PAF Museum would be an ideal option. Situated near Karsaz Flyover on Shahrah-e-Faisal, the PAF Museum’s rockery area makes it a very versatile, one of its kind venue. Perfectly maintained by the PAF, the venue also has many interesting attractions and relics, in case the guests feel like taking a stroll around.

While the list above is not exhaustive, it provides some excellent budget friendly options for a well planned outdoor wedding event and will be a good starting point to kick start your decision-making process.



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