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Best Mehndi Dance Routines & Choreography

The Mehndi function or ‘Rasm-e-Mayoun’ has to be one of the most fun traditional pre-wedding customs that is held right before the wedding day. The event is arranged by the bride’s family to bring together the ladies from both sides.

The Men of the family are later invited to join the day when all the girls are done applying henna.

The new tradition of songs and dance makes the event more exciting where both sides of the relatives and family come prepared with choreographed dance for the bride and groom.

Let’s have a look at some best dance routines you can prepare for with your family and friends.



  1. The Best Man Routine

The groom’s friends and cousins carry this mind-blowing Mehendi routine. With an entry of the group of 5 friends with John Cena’s background music, they boost up the atmosphere with great practiced choreography. Not only Punjabi songs but rock breakdance also takes place.

A short play can also be staged where the friend’s heart is broken due to his lover cheated on him, well, let the groom know that he won’t at least have to face that anymore. And a couple of more entertaining acts can be played as for it’s the groom’s day. Group dances with solo stages of relatives are also included.





  1. ‘It’s the Bridesmaid’ Mehndi routine

When it’s your best friend getting married, you got no time to chill and make sure you deliver enthusiasm. Here, the bride’s friends rock the stage with a collection of Punjabi songs. Girls filled with confidence and excitement performs with fantastic choreography that makes you want to leave your seat and show your talent.

The family can as well join in explaining how great the groom is and how he’ll take care of their bride. Songs: ‘Nakhreya Mari’ by DJ Sanj

‘Lahoriya’ by Sur Darvesh





  1. Bride and Family Mehndi routine

This is a complete Mehendi dance routine that starts with the bride herself. Friends and cousins perform on a sweet mellow song ‘Piya Re Piya Re’ by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Duets and groups choreography to collaborate for songs like ‘Dilbar’ by Neha Kakkar, ‘Ghoomar’ by Shreya Ghosal and ‘O Rangrez’ by Sahir Ali Baggais played to refresh the atmosphere.





  1. Bride’s Solo Mehndi routine

How about the bride doesn’t wait for anyone to dance at her mehndi but dances herself? This sweet and meaningful dance routine starts with the bride’s solo, and she takes it to the end. The slow and pleasant song ‘Wohi Din Aa Gaya’ by Kisna. Following ‘Amber sariya’ by Fukrey, ‘Sona Sona’ by Major Saab and ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aya’ by Yaraana

The Mehndi ceremony includes both sides of the wedding party, and that makes the dance a family fun affair. The bride and her friends then dance on a slow song ‘Nai Jana’ by Neha Bhasin where the brides complain and say she will not go with anyone except for her groom.





  1. The Crazy Energy Mehndi routine 

A collection of great steps and energy, this mehndi dance is a complete pack entertainment when the groom has a lot of close friends and cousins. Mehendi is a function where the groom’s friends can show off their talent, and these complications fit just perfect. A competition between the girls and boys, comedy choreographies and groups dances with a mashup of Punjabi and English song, i.e., ‘Kiki Do you love me’ by Drake and mixing it up with ‘Bhangra beat.’









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