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Our Picks for Best Hair and Makeup Salons in Karachi and Lahore

Your wedding day is one of the significant and unforgettable days of your lifetime. Every detail of that day is essential and should be perfect from the smallest flower arrangement to the font on your wedding invite – you have thought of everything. However, as a bride, nothing is as crucial as the dress and makeup for the big day. All the preps aside, the anxiety of choosing the right makeup artist at the right salon is enormous!
Professional Makeup Artists have a keen eye for colors, shades, subtle touches and hairstyles to enhance your features and make you look stellar in person and photo. To help you choose we have listed our top picks for makeup and hairstyling salons in Karachi and Lahore.


Our picks for Lahore:


1. Madeeha’s Bridal Salon and Studio

.A pioneer name in the makeup industry in Lahore, Madeeha’s Salon enjoy a huge fan following and loyal clientele. The salon covers everything from spa services, massage therapies to bridal makeup and hairstyling services.
For details, please click here: www.facebook.com/madeehassalonofficial



2. Ather Shahzad Salon and Studio

A huge name in film and fashion industry itself – Ather Shahzad. The Salon named after him offers a wide range of routine services whereas bridal services are top notch and most sought after. Ather Shahzad is also a famous photographer, and hence this Salon plus Studio also offers photography sessions, if you ask me that’s a huge plus! No need to look for photography services separately.
For details, please click here: www.facebook.com/AtherShahzad


3. Mariam’s Bridal Salon

Mariam is an upcoming name in Lahore’s make up industry scene. Her brides are stunning and have elegant, regal looks. Like many salons, Mariam’s salon also works in tiers. This means she has other makeup artists trained by her working under her. You can either opt to get your make up done by her or her trainee artists.
You can find more at www.facebook.com/mariamsbridalsalon


Our picks for Karachi:


1. Bina Khan

With her soft makeup looks and subtle looks, Bina Khan has a made a name for herself and is the preferred choice for many brides. Her make up style is especially opted by Nikkah brides. Her salon caters to a great many other services that include spa, current makeup, massage and hair styling does. The salon is most known for the cordial and polite staff, not something every salon can claim. If you are looking for peace and quiet, this should be your pick!
For details, please click here: www.facebook.com/binakhansalon


2. Natasha’s Salon

Her highlighter game is intense! A London trained Makeup Artist, Natasha is a well-established name in the Karachi make up scene. Her brides stand a class apart in their beautiful looks, and her dewy looks are a trademark and can be easily identified. She is also a very sought after makeup artist for celebrities.
For details, please click here: www.facebook.com/Natasha-Salon-182139695225631


3. Anam Falak

Smoke eyes to die for! Anam Falak is an Illamasqua and London Hair and Beauty Academy (LHA) graduate and has been trained by the bigwigs of the Hollywood. She has quite quickly established her name in the Karachi Makeup Industry.
For details, please click here: www.facebook.com/anammakeup



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