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All About Wedding Cake Traditions

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All About Wedding Cake Traditions

All About Wedding Cake Traditions

Wedding cakes have been a tradition since Roman times when the cake was crumbled over the bride’s head for good luck. The wedding cake is a symbol of good fortune for the couple. It brings good luck to everyone who eats it as well. The wedding cake should be of good quality ingredients, symbolizing a rich, long-lasting, and happy marriage.

A fancy wedding cake is mostly the centrepiece of every wedding. It usually sits in one place honouring the reception. As much as it’s a tradition for most cultures, it is a very important aspect of weddings.

Taking the time out to plan a cake is something that every couple should do. It is always worth it in the end.

Do Pakistani weddings also have a wedding cake?

In today’s time, cutting a wedding cake is slightly different from back in the day. Moreover, if we think about our Pakistani cultures, wedding cakes did not even exist twenty years back.  However, wedding cakes are trending in our desi weddings too now, which is great.

A Symbol of True Love and Togetherness

When the bride and groom cut the wedding cake together, it depicts true love and symbolizes togetherness forever. Moreover, it is also a symbol of continuity and longevity of their relationship. Another custom that is very common is that the bride and groom feed the cake to each other and show their commitment to taking care of each other.

What is the custom?

The custom of wedding cakes is very long-standing and a very delightful one indeed. People also use charms on their wedding cakes and each charm talks about something different.

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