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6 Killer Corporate Stage Backdrop Ideas for Your Next Event

Are you planning your next big corporate event and at our a loss on how to go about it? Worry not, planning corporate events can be super daunting and tedious. A slight hitch in an event and it can all reflect back on your company’s branding. One of the first most attractive and powerful features of any corporate event, conference or grand meet up is the backdrop of the stage. Since it is the center stage, it has to outstand the most.

Here are few ideas for absolute best look for your corporate event stage backdrop.





Are you a company who relates to organic? Or are you an environmentally conscious company? If you want plants, greenery and nature to be your focal point these ‘temporary plotted landscape’ look will wow your audience. Since its so uncommon it has great shock value and leaves your audience in awe.






For any event, the visual display has to have the most impact. At a corporate event, its mostly understood that there will be a line of speaker presentations. This means content, slideshows and visual display of this content. The old way was to do the projector based presentation, now a still very untapped resource is the ‘LED WALL.’ Replace your old projectors with this, and you’d be stunned by the effect it has! LED WALL as the name suggest can serve as a full stage backdrop, it has a wow quality due to better resolution of visual. For a stronger branding and lasting impression, this is the way to go – especially true if you want to display marketing material.


3.  3D Lettering




Don’t want to do a complete backdrop but still need to find a way to communicate branding? The simple blocked initials or name of your company can work this way. You can place these blocks on the bottom stage, on the runway welcome ramp or have them fixed into a wall. The 3D Lettering plays on the dimensions and attracts the eye of the audience. It is most straightforward and minimalist in nature but worth a hundred times in its sheer impact.





Source: Encore Event Technologies

When you have a vast audience a small stage set up won’t work. You need to make a statement with a big and bold look. For this, the best option is to go with multi screens in a multi-dimensional fashion. The best thing about multi-screen is the power of customization – not all displays have to necessarily show the same thing! A high visual content coupled with lightening effect can result in highly energetic multimedia impact. You have the power to transform each screen in whatever color and visual content you like. This is the best way to engage a large audience and keep them looking!






Wood has a beautiful rustic quality to it. A stage made with timber paneling gives an Arcadian and homespun feeling to the event look. If you are hosting an event for women-led agendas, mompreneurs, and ladies, in general, this look will work best for your corporate staging. Coupled with good lightning effect and it can lit up the play in a warm glow. This proves you don’t have to go all very techy when it comes to your corporate stage looks. This is also a very cost effective stage backdrop!







Source: designworklife courtesy of Moniker

The first impression of corporate events is mostly, impersonal, tacky and too loud! This is the first mistake of disconnect – you end up disassociating! Corporate events don’t have to be a detached and tacky affair. This stage example is best in showing a human element in the event – which is the audience! The stage backdrop has an excellent photography look designed with company brand colors. This way the stage has connected with people and still stayed true to its corporate ‘feel.’



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