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5 Stellar Giveaway and Party Favor Ideas for Wedding Functions

Wedding favors are generally small gifts, or bids given the event attendees by the bride or groom’s family. Traditionally they have always been ‘Lukin chowara’ packed in cute potlis and packets. These packets would include an assortment of sweet things. Nowadays, there are different kinds of party favors, usually with the theme of the event. Here are some ways you can change the party favor game on your day.


  1. Tie-Dye Dupattas & Bangles Pillows for Mehndi 

Mehndi, Mayouns, and Henna Parties are all colorful and bright. These tie and dye dupattas will make a super cute addition – one, they can serve the purpose of the party favor and two, it can tie in the event day dress theme. Imagine guys with crisp white kurtas and these multi-colored stoles – NICE! For the ladies: A set of bangles also makes a great party giveaway, think of all that sound those ‘chooriyaans’ will make while the wedding songs are sung on the beat of the dhol. These are a great way to take festivities up a notch.




  1. Handcrafted Sugar Cookies or Macaroons

Giving anything sweet as party favor has long been an upheld as a wedding tradition. Mostly its ‘lokun’ – a small white cloudy sugar ball or mithai that is distributed among the guests. People have changed the bid boxes and now also include chocolates and candies. However, if you want to stand out – these beautiful henna inspired sugar cookies, and macaroons are adorable. Extraordinary bakers will go the extra mile and help you festively present them by packing a handful of them in a goodie bag and adding a tag even.




  1. Assorted Collection of Nuts & Seeds

 An elegant and classy giveaway for winter weddings! A tray or box of assorted nuts add a rustic value to the wedding scene – they also make great appetizers before the food is served. You can include nuts according to the seasons, but generally, candy-coated sweet almonds, pistachios, dried apricots are your safest bet. Your guests will go nuts over these!



  1. Rosary Beads and Quran as Nikkah Favors 

What can make a better nikkah bid or favor than a gift of Quran and tasbeeh. It is an excellent way of starting your married life together by gifting the gift of the Quran. You can order mini Quran with beautiful tasbeeh and get it wrapped as a present. This is one gift that keeps on giving.



  1. Recycled Paper Bid Boxes

Laser-cut design is all the rage these days, but they require hard cardstock papers and are also expensive. Best way to bring the cost down and even make the environmentally responsible move is to use recycled paper. There are plenty of cute designs to make a simple brown paper bag stand out. You can include an assortment of nuts, chocolates, seeds, and even add a monogrammed tag to make it personal.



 Do you think you’d like to use one of the ideas above for your wedding?
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