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Why Should you Hire Professional Event Planner for Your Next Corporate Event?

So your boss just called you and asked you to ‘plan’ the next tech conference. He tells you he wants it big and impressive. You frantically try to jot down any details that he gives you – Should it be a big massive affair from people all around the world? Should it be the small intimate gathering of tech giants? Where does he want it? Lahore? Karachi? Hong Kong? How many people? What’s the budget? – Your brain is firing questions from every end.


As much as you’d like to impress your boss by doing ‘everything’ yourself, the smarter move would be to hire a professional event planner. An Event Planner who knows what he is doing will guarantee a memorable event and help you impress your boss!


Still not convinced? These are the reason why professional help is the way to go:


Cost Cutting

A general belief is that Event Planners will cost you money and will end up making the event more expensive. This is why you’d be tempted to do everything yourself thinking you’d save money. This might not be true. If you choose your Event Planner carefully, any good planner will work within your budgets. They know how to ‘stretch’ the budget to get the best results. Their relationships with vendors, venue owners, suppliers, caterers, etc. give them the advantage when negotiating a deal with special pricing. This is how they help cut cost and get you the best offer.


Detail Oriented

Event Planners have long been in the game and have extensive knowledge of their domain. So there are things you might overlook when trying to plan an event, they, however, will know all the gritty nitty details to work on and make the event a success.


On Time

When you plan an event yourself, planning can take over your life quite literally. It’s a very time-consuming job, and you have so many other things to do as well. Before you know it, you are scrambling all over the place to get some break for your personal commitments. This is why Event Planners are so needed. Event Planners can give the right time is necessary for planning and preparing. Event Planners also keep the timeline in mind and deliver accordingly.


Best Prepared

Event Planners take everything into account to make the event a great success, this means if anything goes amiss they also have a Plan-B in place. No matter how carefully you plan things or how detailed you are chances are something or the other might go wrong. Think it suddenly rains on that event and your event is being held at an open space garden, or your caterer runs into an accident, the cake falls over and so many things that can happen. Oh, the horror! You might just want to cancel the whole event which means colossal loss. Event Planners can turn things around and have safety nets in place.



Event Planners have extensive contact in their management communities. This means they have exclusive access to places, venues and hard to get locations. They have special relationships with hotels, caterers, travel agencies and party vendors – this means they can get you the best possible deals. If you try to plan on their own, you’d have to compromise on one thing or the other.


Reduced Stress

Planning a successful event requires a lot of planning and fine-tuning plenty of details. This means making constant decisions and being present at all times. All this sounds somewhat stressful and a lot of work! Won’t it be lovely just to sit back and relax and let the professionals do their thing? Yes! Hire an Event Planner immediately! Save yourself from unnecessary anxiety and the constant worry of being on top of things always.


Looking for professional help that can go above and beyond for you? Make your events super successful and talk of the town – Dawat Pakistan is here to help! We can make your next corporate event everybody’s envy.



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