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5 Bridal Shower Themes for Super Fun

All Brides are super ecstatic about their upcoming weddings, all the planning goes into the decor, theme, food, mehndi, dance etc etc. With the trending list of events one cannot simply ignore the ‘Bridal Shower’.

Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party is mostly a ladies event in which the friends and sisters of the bride get together for some girls fun, games, gossip and food. These events can be a low key event or an extravagant one. For a bridal shower to be successful it has to be more than just a gathering of random people and small talk, it has to be personal, relate to bride’s personality and has to be have a relaxed environment to enjoy in.

Here we have picked a few gorgeous theme for bridal showers that are guaranteed to make for a good time:


  1. The Afternoon Tea

Think sun, garden, flowers and super proper English Tea with scones and cucumber sandwiches! Yum! A super dainty affair channeling your inner Downtown Abbey vibe. A perfect and classic way for a bridal shower to be celebrated.





  1. Hit The Beach

If you are a superchill bride who wants nothing more than to hang with her friends, enjoy the cool breeze of the sea and get sands in your toes – this one is perfect for you! A beach party as a bridal shower is twice the fun! Relax your worries away. Just don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!





  1. Bollywood Thumka

Get ready to dance at the beat of the dhol! A Bridal Shower with a Bollywood vibe is awesome if you want to roll in a dholki with your event. A crazy medley of wedding songs, henna, street style food, choreographed dance numbers and just some awesome wholesome fun awaits!





  1. Pancakes & Pajama /Parahtas and Pajamas


Whatever suits you the best! Sleepovers are the best kind of gossiping session with your girls. A glam pajama party is a perfect setup for a bridal shower. You can turn it into a movie popcorn night, or a game night or just some good bonding time. Follow it up with a delish spread of pancakes and coffee or go the desi route with anda parhata! Yum yum yummmmmmm.





  1. Destination Shower

Does Paris remind you of eternal romance? Or does Seattle showers make you want to fall in love all over again? Not having a destination wedding? – have a destination shower! Yes, this is perfect – no visas, no passports required, no fuss. I know I know, you don’t actually get to travel to these cities but you can bring Paris to you. Think extravagant Paris themed decor, colorful macaroons table, black and white luxe affair, and gorgeous fashion attires.





Whichever theme you choose for your bridal shower – we at Dawat Pakistan can help plan your entire event. It will be personalized according to your taste and preferences. With the upcoming wedding, we want the bride to have fun at such events and leave all the planning and hassle to us.


Call us today and we’d design the perfect bridal shower party for you.





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