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4 COVID-19 Friendly Wedding Menu Ideas

4 COVID-19 Friendly Wedding Menu Ideas


What if the world is undergoing a deadly pandemic, it’s not like people aren’t getting married. They are, but the weddings look a bit different than before. This means that while we may be cutting down the number of people we can always add better, fancier and tastier dishes to the menu  for the few close people we are inviting. After all, the closest ones deserve the best!

Here are some unconventional wedding menus, you could take inspiration from:


1.  Brunch Bar

In times like these, no one would want a typical wedding menu, especially since events are shorter, and social distancing rules and face coverings make it difficult to sit down and have elaborate meals. A brunch bar would be a great idea, you can have finger foods, refreshing fresh fruits juice bars and if you wanna go real bougie maybe even add caviar to the list. You can have a very english menu with a few desi dishes to add that pop of flavour that us desi’s can’t do without. Setting up a brunch bar gives you a lot of variety and all it is possible through a trusted event planner.



2.  Waffles

Most weddings these days vary with venue, time, and days. If you’re having an early wedding with limited people in the morning hours there is no better option than breakfast waffles, simple yet delightful for breakfast lovers. And guess what, you can pair them with- whatever’s popular with your guests! Nutella for starters. You may even add a cereal bar, omelette station and bread bar to compliment the breakfast theme. People would be raving about the brekkie they had at your wedding and this would give everyone a refreshing kickstart to the day!



3.  Steak and Salad

This past year, we have spent most of our time experimenting. How about doing the same for your wedding menu, when you can combine a starter and a main course and serve them in one go like steak and salad. Give your guests the fine-dine experience! Get proper butlers to serve the food, and let your guests know they’re important. After all, the way to one’s heart is through their stomachs!



4.  One bite food

If you’re up for a low-key. Intimate wedding, one bite food items can be the next big thing for you. Select a few of them, mix and match, and offer your guests the possible wedding food experience ever. From spring rolls to meatballs, you can try so many options on a stick.

All these food items don’t have to be in a conventional setup, you can always deliver them at someone’s doorstep or rooftop. And even have them packed for the after-party, it won’t go to waste for sure.



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