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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I start planning my event ? I'm Confused !

Relax ! Just give us a call and our event planners will guide you.

How much do your packages cost ?

They start at Rs.450 per head both for food and decor.

What is your payment policy ?

Full payment 14 days before the event – 50% advance at time of booking.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax ?

Ofcourse you have to pay 13% GST.

Can I come later and book ?

Sure you can, but we can’t promise you the same price if we are already pre-booked by someone else.

Do prices rise in December ?

Don’t worry, our prices remain same throughout the year.

Where do you guys do Destination Weddings?

–      Bhourban
–     Thailand
–     Srilanka
–     Azerbaijan
–     Turkey

What are some Public events you do ?

–    Ultimate Comic Con
–    CEO Youth Awards
–    Pet Show
–    Halloween Haunted House

Do you own your own inventory and kitchen ?

Yes we do, we only outsource if you ask for something unique that we don’t have.

Can we get a food tasting ?

We would recommend asking your friends who have tried our food. But if you still like to try the taste, there will be a trivial charge of Rs.10,000  to 25,000 depending on the menu you select.

When does your Event Management course start ?

Event Management course is given every 4 months.

Can I apply for a job at Dawat ?

Yes, you can through our career page.

I am an Event Manager and I would like to rent our inventory from Dawat, can I ?

Yes you can, please contact one of or existing event planners for more details .

Can I get a 3D Walk-through for my event ?

Yes you can. We need 1 month prior notice for it, with an additional charges of Rs.25,000. With 2D and 3D a 30,000 charge will be added.

Can you design invites and backdrop for my event ?

Our Design department can make thematic invites and backdrop for your event, whether its a Birthday party or a corporate event.

I am unhappy with the dedicated Event Manager assigned to me ! Can I contact another manager ?

Ofcourse you have the option to, just email directly to our CEO at ceo@dawatpk.com and he will assign you another manager.